The West Marches

The West Marches

Welcome the The West Marches, an uncharted world where nothing is safe. In a “West Marches” style of game, it is on the players to determine what to do and where to go. I, the DM, will do nothing more than provide you with a few rumors of various areas to investigate. Then you are set free to follow whatever path interests you.

“Okay,” you might be thinking, “but what the hell does that actually mean.” Let me explain it all in a list that will actually serve very little purpose and be difficult to understand because I did not plan this out.

1. You, the players, create a character. A few most of you already have characters. Then you give your character some sort of backstory. You can pretty much make up whatever you want about your homeland, as you will never return there during this campaign.

2. You, specifically your character, will travel to the new world, to the west. You might be a criminal on the run from the law, or a vagabond trying to find a fresh start, or maybe a starry-eyed young spellcaster looking for adventure. Whatever the reason may be, your character moves into the only town in the new world, Orlane. While there, your character meets several new adventurers in this small town. Now the way we will “role play” this is by having each of you post a brief description of your character on this forum. Easy as pie. Piece of cake. Bees knees.

3. You, the character, will hear rumors in town about the surrounding uncharted wilderness. These will either be in the form of posts on here from me, the DM, or direct messages to you specifically. You can choose to share these rumors, or keep them to yourself.

4. This is where the fun begins. You pick a rumor. Maybe the abandoned mine sounds interesting to you. You hit me up and say, “hey DM, I want to go to the abandoned mine.” I say, “Cool! Who are you going to take with you.” You say, “I want players X, Y, and Z.” (Note: Minimum players per session is 3, max is 5. Try to stay at four if you can. Too few and it gets boring, too many and it gets hectic.) I say, “Great, what time works for all of you that also works for me?” You say, “5:00-9:00 on Saturday.” I say, “Neato.” (Note: Between 3 and 6 hours are necessary for a session. If you only have 3 hours available, be prepared to not be able to finish the thing you want to do and turn around early.)

5. You and your buds show up at the agreed upon time. We play. Fun fun.

6. One of you writes a summary of what happened and posts it on the forum. I will probably give extra in-game rewards to those who write the summary to promote actually doing it.

7. ????

8. Profit


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